Toilet Humour

don't use too much toilet paper. don't throw toilet paper in a country-side-farm-house-toilet, because the tissue clogs up & the sewage tank gets stuffed up and overflows. lifting-up the lid and the seat when shooting and only lifting up the lid when dumping. do not leave light on for economical reasons, & the light being on usually makes people think someone's in the toilet.


Result of daydreaming during homework.

Pencil sketch. I used to be able to draw, but now I'm old and just sit around & drink beer all day.


This is a complete look-at-a-photo-and-copy type of pencil sketch I drew.

Pudding Sign

I used red & black ball-points, highlight markers, & pencil. Unfortunately though, shocking realism, to this extent, will usually result in the reader completely not getting the message.