Toilet Humour

don't use too much toilet paper. don't throw toilet paper in a country-side-farm-house-toilet, because the tissue clogs up & the sewage tank gets stuffed up and overflows. lifting-up the lid and the seat when shooting and only lifting up the lid when dumping. do not leave light on for economical reasons, & the light being on usually makes people think someone's in the toilet.



  1. MARK!!!! YOU’RE ART!!! too original! too good! you are the best artist I’ve ever met! no kidding!

  2. hahah that’s so cool. Everything looks so dramatic and action-packed, love it

  3. original…maybe. But we all know Shiro’s the bestest. L(^v^.)

  4. hahahaa MARK. Your site is SOOOOOO POPULAR already.. well only the art work posts. I think you’d better start posting your art work so that it stays popular. It might just become THE most popular one. Then I will begin to feel jealous.

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