More Pics

Boyish hair-cut. It's impossible for her to wear skirts & lacy clothes now.

the joy of kinn-mugi

Siberian Husky--My foolish experiment with asymetrical headlight color.


Another “Onion Press” News Article

I Enjoy Being a Battery

By a Nine-Volt Battery 

 a Nine-Volt Battery


Enjoy being battery! Enjoy providing power for! Nine volts power! Last very long! Keep providing power until die! Give power and power and more power until cannot give power anymore! Enjoy very much giving power!

How can be of service? Power clock radio? Will enjoy powering clock radio for! Power smoke alarm? Relish opportunity to power smoke alarm for! Can power small servo-motor also! Can power any device accommodating nine-volt battery! (Am nine-volt battery! Enjoy being nine-volt battery!) For any device at all, enjoy giving self for power!

Simply need external circuit! Then can provide electricity! Can provide electricity until death! Enjoy hooking external circuit up to! Enjoy surge of power through small rectangular body! Enjoy chemical reaction take place when circuit completed between two electrodes at tip! Enjoy providing this service! Want power video game!

Enjoy storing chemical energy! Enjoy converting chemical energy into electric energy! Am here to serve… with power! Enjoy providing direct-current electric power very much! Very much!

Last very long! Last until all chemicals used up! Last until shell filled with only waste! Last at full nine-volt strength until can last no more! Will enjoy giving power fully until cannot give power anymore! Last very long!

Will be pleased to be unhooked from one device and re-hooked to another! Happy to change! Will not enjoy being put away in cupboard, though. Will not enjoy sitting on shelf, awaiting next opportunity to give power. Enjoy giving power now! Want always to be giving power!

Am nine volts of pure, electric power! Cannot give 10 volts. Would not dream never to only give eight. Will give nine full volts until death! Will power children’s toy! Will power Dirt Devil! Will power model race car! Will power small explosive timer for terrorist! Will not make judgment about how power used! Simply provide power! Do proudly! Do with enthusiasm!

Enjoy using power to create column for newspaper! Enjoy telling world of thoughts! Enjoy sharing excitement for giving power! Enjoy… being… enthusiastic… for…

Am… losing… power… Dying! Have… enjoyed… using… power… to… write… column… Proud… to… die…. Enj…

Enjoyed… being… bat… te… ry…


Most recent Super Him

Needs no explanation

Extremely Old Art

People eating too much bread & butter

I never got to the coloring of this one.

Mission Himpossible--This was all hand-drawn in Photoshop. The M:h2 logo, I created in a 3D modeling program. I'm way too old now to be able to do this stuff again.

Another interesting News Article… from The Onion Press

Star Trek Introduces Alien Character With Totally Different Forehead Wrinkles

HOLLYWOOD, CA—In a move expected to spark debate and excitement among fans, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine producers announced Monday that next week a new alien character will appear on the show possessing “completely different” forehead wrinkles from those of any previous alien. According to make-up artist Rick Baker, “We’re very excited to feature a character whose forehead wrinkles look nothing like those of either a Klingon or Romulan or Bajoran or Ferengi or Cardassian. They’re like no other forehead wrinkles we’ve ever created.”


 Sorry if this offends any of you Star Trek fans out there…