1. Oh mark, theres a picture of you. finally. Gosh. your hair changed. I don’t feel like posting the picture i did of you anymore. Oh megumi looks really hot. like her hair changed or something. and… ashley… looks likes shes trying really hard to wake up or like shes trying really hard to be cool. i miss you guys. i want to see you all.

  2. Don’t worry. This purikura was from May. My hair’s totally superfluous again now. Why!? Post the portrait of me. I really liked it!

  3. Ashley chan is so cute

  4. Oh okay fine… if you really want me to post that super-superfluous picture of you. Well, i liked it. But I often see the pictures I make as okay or fine.. untill someone comes along and tells me all the flaws. If i could see it through someone else’s perspective then I would be able to fix the picture better… cuz to me it looks fine. ha. oh we must draw together again. Are you drawing at all??? post pictures… YOU REALLY should

  5. No, sadly I don’t draw now ’cause I don’t have a scanner or tablet. Any artwork I can post will be like, years old.

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