“The World of Golden Eggs”


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Nose Portrait

It took me about two decades to discover the size of of my  own nose.

Creative Hand-Art Projects–fun for everyone!

Today me and Anna created this fun, anyone-can-do (not  an everyone-will-want-to though), simple (slightly perverted), & exciting activity you can do with room-mate guidance.

Step 1: draw a simple picture of a person with pants pulled down.

Step 2: cut a hole where the person’s buttocks should be.

Step 3: make a clenched fist & use the wrinkles on your index finger in an effective way to create cheeks etc.

Step 4: have fun!

(Note: This is all Mitsuru’s idea!)


Sex sells
Michelin baby
KISS pandas
New van

my pathetic studio

Just this…including arm space.

Reference material

Testing out my new (but old) tablet.


iichiko shochu

Best match with beer.

This is completely off-the-subject, but Mercy!! Remember the Ishihara-san Place?!?

Quitting Work, Moments w/ Beer, Cooking

 My new phone’s camera can take up to 5 mega-pixel size photos. Here’s a bunch of random stuff taken when I had the chance.



Qutting my job (finally) + miniature celebration.

Two years & eight months of work–finally paid off.

Since I have a whole month of no-work, I will have to take over all the cooking, baby-sitting, house-work & stuff. Essentially I’ll become a house-wife for a month–so I started cooking practice again. Today was okonomi-yaki! –Tons of oil. Euwe!