Creative Hand-Art Projects–fun for everyone!

Today me and Anna created this fun, anyone-can-do (not  an everyone-will-want-to though), simple (slightly perverted), & exciting activity you can do with room-mate guidance.

Step 1: draw a simple picture of a person with pants pulled down.

Step 2: cut a hole where the person’s buttocks should be.

Step 3: make a clenched fist & use the wrinkles on your index finger in an effective way to create cheeks etc.

Step 4: have fun!

(Note: This is all Mitsuru’s idea!)



  1. It’s so real. I don’t know if it would be any different if you were to post an acutal picture of someone’s butt…. ha….. hahaha…. ahem!

  2. YAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Too exciting! Too inspiring!

  3. GENIUS!!!

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