Someone should try this

Maybe everyone has seen this, but I watched it again recently after a long time & it was so funny I had to post it.


Happy Birthday Anna!

Sorry, I couldn’t do anything. Maybe we’ll go out to eat something next time! Have a good year!

I don’t want to be empty-handed on your birthday post, so I found this pic I drew ages ago but I don’t recall posting it. I don’t think you’ve seen it. If you already did, sorry!


I seriously lost my pen.

Does anyone know where my PEN  IS? My Wacom pen. I don’t know what to post.

This is not the same order in which I drew this. There’s about 30 layers for this pic so I just basically sorted the main ones out. Another thing very different about this pic is that I only used the “drawing” or “pen” tool for the girl’s face. The rest is all the “line tool” in Manga Studio. I don’t like how the person turned out though.


Gross anpanman. But Ashley says “Anpanman” every time she sees this pic.


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Too foolish.




AGH I lost “my pen of the wacom”!

I can only draw with crayons now!