I Like Striped Stockings

im bored copy

I like striped stockings… if you don’t, I won’t talk to you anymore.

Manga Studio & Photoshop



  1. Haha! First comment!! …Wow… you wouldnt want her to get upset at you. Its a nice picture.

  2. Yeah, you’ll get kicked/stabbed in the nuts!!

  3. AAAAAaaaah! Freak out! I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT!!!! Absolutely my favorite pic! I so love how you did her boots! Was it an original idea of yours?
    BTW i voted for Ugh! Youre kinky! nya ha ha ha

  4. NOPE! Sadly the boots are a complete rip-off of something I saw while surfing for reference material.
    BTW, I just realized it must be day time for you right?? It’s 3 at night here.

  5. アシュリちゃんが大きくなったらこんな顔になるんじゃない?

  6. Hey, long time no speak! Nice artwork, I like it.

    Yeah, I’ve been doing weights for a couple of months now.

  7.  マークの絵は、惚れ惚れするほど上手だよ! 脱帽です。マークの描く女の子は、本当にかわいいね。愛さんが、霊感の源だね!

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