evil woman


I Like Striped Stockings

im bored copy

I like striped stockings… if you don’t, I won’t talk to you anymore.

Manga Studio & Photoshop

I seriously lost my pen.

Does anyone know where my PEN  IS? My Wacom pen. I don’t know what to post.

This is not the same order in which I drew this. There’s about 30 layers for this pic so I just basically sorted the main ones out. Another thing very different about this pic is that I only used the “drawing” or “pen” tool for the girl’s face. The rest is all the “line tool” in Manga Studio. I don’t like how the person turned out though.


Gross anpanman. But Ashley says “Anpanman” every time she sees this pic.


AGH I lost “my pen of the wacom”!

I can only draw with crayons now!



Ugh! Please, no more of this ugly man!

I’m sure no one cares about how this was painted though. I’m just bored.


Pink–I’m Not Dead